SRJ Coconut Consultancy

17, Singapore Nagar, Udumalapettai, Tirupur - 642126

About Us

Coconut consultancy is an amicable and non profitable firm which is established by Mr.Viswa N. before a decade,aimed at coming up with the effective counselling about coconut farm across the nation whenever opportunity knocks .

Our Values :

CC strives to be an accessible consultancy to facilitate our clients round the clock as it is our sole objective.

Why Do You Approach Us ?

Complex problems require healthy consultation since best consultation works as mere therapy.

Our Service

Micronutrient Deficiency

Pest Management

Disease Management


I own 1500 coconut trees. My farm is regularly followed by this consultancy.Good yielding better than before after I follow its guidance
800 trees are possessed by me. I get the counseling and implement it as per the guidance. Great result. I suggest this consultancy wholeheartedly.
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Bud drops problem made me worry heavily. I own 1500 coconut trees. Based on this consultancy's guidance, I followed to prevent that problem. Now, there is an awesome improvement and my outing is also increased
12 acres I have. My farm has the problem of stem bleeding. I get the solution from this consultancy. Certainly, drastic change after the 6 months treatment.